Lâmurülum A. Saï

My experience with Hypnotherapy began with a desire to empower individuals and create a more harmonious world of people capable of creating health, wealth, freedom, happiness, and love for themselves. My training and expereince is eclectic, lending a unique and pleasant style to sessons, seminars, workshops, and spiritual counseling

Lâmurülum A. Saï (formerly Cleveland J. Sigh)

B.A. in Foreign Language and Global Studies (2006)

Ordination as an Esoteric Interfaith Spiritual Minister (2011)

Certified Medical Support Clinical Hypnotherapist IBH Fellow (2011)

M.A. - Integrated Resource Management (2015)

Founder of the Sigh Life, Sigh Life Consulting and Hypnotherapy and Sigh Life Society for Empowerment, Education, Development, and Sustainability. (2015)

M.A. - Human Development - Development of Transcendent Education and Anthroapotheology 

PhD. - (Student) Currently Engaged in Research 


My decision to become a hypnotherapist came after decades of researching, studying, experience, and introspection. My travels have taken me through diverse academic and professional concentrations including: classical music, allied healthcare, foreign language, global studies, cross-cultural communication, esoteric ministry for interfaith spiritual dialogue, graduate study in mental health counseling, organizational psychology, sustainable agriculture, and adult education. 


It is my intention that through my work, you the participant, may actually recognize the GREATNESS within to change your world. I would like for you to learn your POWER in the world, understand its applications, develop it for greater use, activate it in your life NOW, and begin creating the life of you DREAMS! 


I have combined my training and experience in diverse areas to create a series of educational workshops and seminars, lectures, and other approaches that help you develop a new life. My greatest joy comes from helping clients, like yourself, to understand their own cosmology and biography. Now is the time to be empowered to create lives of wealth, satisfaction, wholeness, inner peace, fulfillment, compassion, and joy. 


My life’s purpose is to replace Scarcity and Slavery and with Opulence and Liberation. The Sigh Life brand is a collective of multiple organizations dedicated to helping people FREE themselves from limiting self-perceptions that produce lives of misery and mediocrity that create the disharmonious society in which we live. 


To learn more about the scientific studies and research surrounding Medical Support Hypnosis visit the Hypnotherapy Academy of America's website by clicking the links below.  






I attended the Hypnotherapy Academy of America for my my training in Hypnotherapy at the end of 2011. I gained certification in early 2012. I began working in adult education and incorporating hypnotherapeutic techniques in the classroom and lab. The skills I learned enhanced my teaching style and dialogue with students, helping them to overcome fears and feelings of anxiousness in high-stress careers.    


International Board of Hypnotherapy 

The International Board of Hypnotherapy is where I received my certification and training. 

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