Emancipation Seminar Series

This Seminar is about self-forgiveness and freedom from guilt, Creating the New You, and taking the Next Step. These three most powerful transitions toward Self-empowerment and Self-mastery will help you access the POWER WITHIN to change your life and give you the confidence to succeed in any area you choose.  

Removing the Inner Judge

When you were young, were you given a vision of who you were based on the ideas and beliefs of your parents, peers, community and society? When you grew up, did you experience self-doubt, confusion, stress, guilt and perpetual sadness? Have you felt the joyous ecstasy of being comfortable and confident in your own beliefs and life experience? Are you ready to live in a way that reflects your highest joy and purpose?


Now is the time to understand more fully how old ideas shaped and created who you are today. Now is the time for self-awareness and self-empowerment through the creation and understanding of who you are underneath all of the programming you have had in your life.


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Creating the New You

The ideas we have been given from our childhoods often determine who we become as adults. We incorporate the world, as seen through the eyes of others, into our vision. Many of us were given our identity by those around us based in guilt, self-judgement and self-doubt. Once we remove the inner judge and stop comparing ourselves to those around us, we can begin creating ourselves anew. It is from this point that we can begin to rediscover, understand, explore and fashion the Self that we were born to be.


This seminar offers you the chance to reacquaint yourself with the you you were born to be. With this you begin to experience greater ease and awareness as you migrate through life. Participants can be sure to come away from this seminar with greater confidence, resolve and purpose as they recreate and rediscover the Self that was hidden for so long.


For more information on hosting this seminar contact Sigh Life today! 

The Next Step


The Next Step Seminar offers attendees an opportunity to revisit their preconceived notions about the world in which they live. It allows the participant to begin creating a more empowered vision of the cosmos based on their own individual awareness. Regain hope, objective optimism, and power in your interactions with the world. Transcend political correctness and develope true respect, appreciation and understanding of others. Learn how to reach a commonality and effective dialogue with nearly every cultural, spiritual, professional, lifestyle and developmental group with which you interact. 


This transformational seminar will change your vision of the world. Its purpose is to enhance the collective vision and experience of world in which we live today and for generations to come. 


For more information on hosting this seminar contact Sigh Life today! 

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