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Check out these videos for tips and steps to create a more empowered life. ENJOY!

Your Emancipation Proclamation 

This video gives a short summary of some ways to EMANCIPATE yourself from the CHAINS of fear, guilt, self-hatred, and people pleasing that keep you from LIVING FULLY AND JOYFULLY, NOW! Check out this video and BEGIN stepping into the life of your DREAMS!

Stay on Your GRIND!


If you are looking to reach your goals and need an uplift, this video is for you! Are you getting bombarded with advice or criticism, you can find inner peace and remain focused until you reach your goal. Enjoy!



Sigh Life Consulting and Hypnotherapy 

This video gives a short summary of Sigh Hypnotherapy and Sigh Life Consulting. The current name of the company is Sigh Life Consulting and Hypnotherapy. Check out the YouTube channel for more videos!

What is God? Where does it Count?

This video is a summary of the discussion of how to enhance your personal level of power in the real world. The full-length course will be made available in November. This short synopsis covers comparative religion and esoteric philosophy. It also touches on why the rich grow their wealth and the poor loose it. Universal Laws and Power of Mind are key in your journey toward greater expression of the Creator that Lives in You!

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