What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy reawakens your awareness of the resources within to enhance, heal and EMPOWER your life.​

​Hypnosis is defined as "...a natural yet altered state of mind, in which the critical faculty is relaxed and selective thinking is established" (Simmerman, 2007, p. 17). Sigh Hypnotherapy uses the induction of a hypnotic state in which positive and therapeutic suggestions are delivered. Suggestions are created to assist the client in his or her healing processes by activating the Parasympathetic nervous response and rewriting old destructive mental patterns.


For more information about hypnotherapy, schedule a consultation or a session. Sigh Hypnotherapy offers FREE Introduction to Hypnotherapy Classes. Contact us today for more information these. You can also visit the International Board of Hypnotherapy's website for more information on the scientific basis of Hypnotherapy and see some of the research being done in the field of medicine using hypnotherapeutic methods. 



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